Future Events: 8-Week Group Programs - Life Changes: Learning to Release Stress - Tuesday evenings September 6 - October 25, 2011


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We do not think ourselves into new ways of living.
We live ourselves into new ways of thinking.
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Take a Weekend and
Change Your Life!

This workshop takes our powerful Life Changes 8-week program and condenses it into a very full weekend experience.

This is a workshop about healing, about changing, and about improving the quality of your life. Through body movement, meditation, dialoguing, and integration you’ll explore your life – what it is, what it isn’t, and what truths you’re living by that create your experiences. You’ll learn to cultivate change and create a new, deeper, more authentic relationship with life.

We’ve designed the workshop around four different sessions. Each session covers specific themes and so it’s ideal to attend all four sessions. However, you can also choose to attend just one or two of the sessions, if you simply want to review certain parts of the workshop material or don’t have the time for the complete workshop.

Session 1 – Friday Evening

The workshop opens with an introduction explaining how we’ll be approaching body movement during the workshop. We’ll also explore the framework and importance of Rogerian theory to this workshop. Certain key concepts will be discussed including somatic interplay or the bodymind, the edge, experience, sensation, inquiry, and dialogue. After the introduction, we’ll move into the exploration of the first two themes: befriending the body and awareness. These initial themes allow for development of key insights and how they affect physical and mental calmness and stability.

Session 2 – Saturday Afternoon

Building on the foundation of Friday evening’s experiences, we’ll begin Saturday afternoon’s session with some warm-up body movements followed by a healing journey. This Jungian-style, guided experience expands each participant’s awareness of self and the healing inner wisdom that is available to each of us. After a break, we’ll begin work with the next two themes: acceptance and choice. During this experience, you’ll learn skills to help you acknowledge what actually is while you also explore your relationship to change and gain insight into activating change from a place of choice.

Session 3 – Saturday Evening

This pivotal point in the workshop consists of a series of meditations and body movements with group dialoguing and integration. During this session, you’ll explore the theme of relationship – relationship of self to self and relationship of self to others.

Session 4 – Sunday Afternoon

The final session of the workshop reinforces the previous experiences while continuing to explore experientially how awareness can effect healing and change in your life. These themes reveal how to more clearly understand yourself and your truths as well as how your truths inform your choices, which either heal or hurt. The experiences focus on discerning more subtle levels of awareness and choice, recognizing and accepting individual truths, acting on and communicating individual truths, becoming aware of what needs to be created and what needs to be let go of, as well as maintaining momentum and flow in light of awareness and insight.

Life Changes in a Weekend

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